You are lovedAfter 10 years...what has happened to the studio?


As some of you may have guessed, our business has been devastated due a conflict with the property management company who represents the actual property owners* who are blissfully cocooned and unaware of the tenant disputes.  Sadly, it’s much more than just a rent issue.  If you have ever owned a micro retail business, we're sure you can sympathize with the Austin market.  We have attempted to negotiate ongoing lease and property disputes.  This has led to a legal issue and we can’t tell you how this process has torn apart our families, including nearly losing a home.

  • We are moms and educators first and foremost with a passion for providing art experiences for all ages. Those of you who have come into our cheery, festive studio understand what it means to us.  
  • We’ve worked without pay because we believed so deeply in what we were offering.
  • We never expected to be treated with such disregard, yet here we are.

Summers are usually our “golden time” where we have the honor of teaching and exploring art with your children at our amazing art camps.  This year, it won’t happen.  Also, we’ve had to cancel birthday parties and disappoint many children in the process.  Our adult nights have been shelved, too.


We have been honored to have met so many great folks.


All the time working in the studio, spent away from our families, all the set-backs, all the tears…for us, it was worth it because we believed in Marmalade—and SO DID YOU.  That’s really what kept us going:  the belief that our community thought our studio is, and still can be, a special place.  Our studio was meant to be a happy space where families could come and create wonderful memories, literally and figuratively. As fellow art lovers, creatives, and community-minded citizens, we hope you’ll want to lend us a hand.

We’ve set up a very simple “tipjar” for those of you who can help defray our costs as we move forward by donating whatever amount you can.  Please click:  (Debit cards only.)  We plan to move to a more formal crowdfunding effort, but we have opened a no-frills account in the short-term.  We also have a PO box if you'd prefer to send mail there:  PO Box 200212, Austin, TX, 78720.


Your prayers and fan mail are also welcome!

This isn't good-bye!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts--
Anastasia, Brie, Kathy,
Rebecca, and Susan

*being the children of owners &/or investors in a company does not equal ownership in a company



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Our physical studio is closed until we find a new home.





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